Research Programs

Ongoing, proposed, or completed research programs.

National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics (NCED)

NCED (the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics) is a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center. We began operation in August, 2002; we're headquartered at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. Our purpose is to predict the coupled dynamics and evolution of landscapes and their ecosystems, in order to transform management and restoration of the Earth-surface environment. In concert with our integrative research efforts, we strive to bring our methods and results to students, the public, and practitioners in agencies and industry.

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory

SAFL is the world's only fluid-mechanics laboratory that uses a natural waterfall as its prime water source. For nearly 70 years researchers from around the world have been visiting our unique location on an island in the Mississippi River to conduct research for developing innovative and sustainable engineering solutions to major environmental, water resources, and energy-related problems. We would like to extend our warmest invitation to visit our facilities and talk with our research staff and students.

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